Creative with Konstrukta


Do you want to spend quality time with your child in a way that's also a mini competition, leading not only to rewards but also to a sense of happiness and satisfaction that your time and effort with your child were meaningful and rewarded?

In this CHALLENGE, your child will frequently engage their creativity, likely surprising themselves, becoming persistent, developing motor skills, and expanding their imagination. In the end, everyone will be rewarded.

And what about you, parents? How will you feel about this?

We know that spending quality time with your child is increasingly important. As parents, you likely want your child to express their creativity as much as possible, as it enriches them.

Look, every person is creative, every child is creative. They just need the right encouragement, environment, and time.

Creativity doesn't require having everything in abundance. It requires focus, enough time, and motivation.

In real life, whether at home or at work, we never have everything we want. We don't have ideal conditions. We don't have enough money, enough materials, enough time.

What matters is knowing how to be creative in less than ideal conditions.

That's why, with the help of the Slovenian toy KONSTRUKTA and the increasingly well-known young Slovenian artist Danaja Padovac, we have designed a CHALLENGE to celebrate creativity.

How does it work?

1️⃣ Gradually - Every month from May to December, purchase 5 pieces of the KONSTRUKTA toy.

2️⃣ By the 3rd Sunday of the month, you have time to assemble the pieces into any structure. Assemble, try, think, put it aside, and try again tomorrow. Then choose your best creation, name it, add your name or code, photograph it, and send it to our email address

3️⃣ The administrator will upload your photo to an open FB group, where all submitted photos will be collected. Until the last day of the month, all visitors of the group will have the opportunity to vote for the best creation.

4️⃣ The prize for the winner of each month's round will be a VOUCHER for the purchase of the next set of 5 pieces of KONSTRUKTA.

5️⃣ The following month, you are invited to submit a photo of a creation made from 10 pieces, and so on, gradually until December, when each participant will have a set of 40 pieces to create their own unique structure.

6️⃣ In January 2025, we will gather the 8 monthly winners, and you will vote for the best one until the end of January. The winner will receive a voucher worth 170 EUR and will be able to choose the elements of the toy.

The CHALLENGE can start with the purchase of the first set, which you are now considering.

We look forward to your creative ideas!