Who is the Konstrukta toy suitable for?

The Konstrukta toy is assessed by the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food as the most suitable toy for children aged 3 years and older. However, the experience of users so far has shown that it is more suitable from the age of 5 years onwards. However, we have had quite a few positive reviews from customers that the toy is perfectly suitable for children aged 3 years and older. There is no upper age limit for users, as the toy is also very popular among parents and grandparents.
The toy is suitable for use in households, as well as in educational centres, day-care centres and also among the elderly in care homes. This means that it is also suitable for children with special needs, especially those who have problems with hand-eye coordination, attention and perseverance, and is also of interest to children with autistic spectrum disorders. The toy is also suitable for the elderly, especially for play and occupational therapy in care homes.

Why a construction toy? What does it mean?

The toy belongs to a group of toys called constructors or assembly and construction toys. The essence of a construction game is for the child to build different things, either on the basis of his or her own original ideas or by "reading" a plan. Spatial imagination, precision, attention and perseverance are particularly evident as the child builds in space.
The toy encourages children's logical thinking, the use of fine movements and the coordination of hand and eye movements. Children can also continue to play with the objects they have made, especially in the direction of imaginative or symbolic play, for example by creating a zoo with the addition of other toys, going on a journey in a car or helicopter, etc., or by dismantling their products for a certain period of time, modifying them from time to time, adding to them, and then building them again from scratch.
Children can play with the toy individually or in small groups - in the latter, it is also important to agree and cooperate with each other, which is important in terms of developing social skills.

Is it safe for my child to use the Konstrukta toy?

The Konstrukta toy is completely safe for children from 3 years of age. For younger children, there is a choking hazard from the smaller particles (connectors) and a lower risk of the larger wooden parts falling on the leg or other parts of the body. The binders allow a high degree of mobility and cannot break, and are otherwise completely safe.
Otherwise, the toy is perfectly safe for children from 3 years of age. Niko Kralj thought about safety as early as 1976 and solved the problem with his idea, because both the components and the toy as a whole do not have any sharp edges or corners. He added that none of the inventors of famous jigsaw puzzles such as Lego, Merclin, Matador, etc., had taken this aspect into account.

Can my child play with Konstrukta completely independently?

Children from the age of 5 can play with Konstrukta completely independently. Once they have figured out how to make the connectors pop in and out, they can let their imagination run wild - and it knows no boundaries. To help you get started, the pack comes with cards with templates for assembly. Simple instructions are also included that are easy for everyone to understand.

Where and what is the Konstrukta toy made of?

The Konstrukta toy is made entirely in Slovenia from natural materials, namely beech wood. The connectors are also made from environmentally friendly, recyclable plastic.
Wood itself is a superior, renewable material that binds a large amount of CO² from the atmosphere as it grows. It retains CO² in itself until it decays, which has a beneficial effect on the climate. The wood from which Konstrukta is made is not treated with paint or varnish, so it is healthy and retains all its natural characteristics.   
The wood for Konstrukta comes from Slovenian forests, which have been responsibly managed and sustainably managed for over 100 years. In the Kočevsko-Ribnica region, where the toy is made, we are particularly proud of the ancient Krokar primeval forest. From here, the beech tree spread across Europe after the last ice age and dictated the development of the entire continent. The Krokar Forest is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.
The Konstrukta toy is manufactured by the company Lesostrugarstvo Aleksander Zajc s.p., which was able to meet the specific wishes and ideas of Nick Kralj with its many years of experience, knowledge and technology. The technological implementation or production of the wooden modules itself is quite demanding, where all the holes have to be in the right proportion to the others, and the Zajc family is doing a great job of it, for which we are extremely grateful. 

What can we build with Konstrukta?

What you can build with Konstrukta depends primarily on the SET you choose, but here are just a few of the possibilities that exist or that we have come up with ourselves:

  1. Acrobat Plane
  2. Dog Frk
  3. Chopper Motorbike
  4. Annie the Duck
  5. Windmill
  6. Jane the Giraffe
  7. Choo Choo Train
  8. Ledo the Mammoth
  9. Formula 1
  10. Gobi the Camel
  11. .......

If you don't like the above suggestions, you can easily create something of your own.

What is included in the box or SET?

The Konstrukta Creative Kit contains wooden modules, connectives, idea or instruction cards, rulers, a content booklet and a technical booklet. The number of individual elements depends on the SET you choose. Additional wooden modules and connectives are always available in the online shop.

What are the dimensions and weights of the packages per SET?

- SET 38 - L x W x H: 40x40x10cm; weight 2,5kg
- SET 24 - L x W x H: 25x40x10cm; weight 1,8kg
- SET 17 - L x W x H: 25x40x10cm; weight 1,5kg

Can I pay by pro forma invoice?

Sure. Unfortunately, this option is not available in the online shop, so if you wish to do so, please send your details and order information to our email address info@konstrukta.eu and we will send you an invoice and other instructions.

Can I pay by instalments?

Of course. Unfortunately, this option is not available in the online shop, so please send your details and order information to our email address info@konstrukta.eu and we will send you detailed instructions regarding payment by instalments.

How long does it take to deliver a package and do I have to pay for delivery?

For Slovenia: delivery within 1-3 working days. Postage for Slovenia is €5.

Why is Konstrukta priced this way?

Niko Kralj (1920-2013) was one of the most important industrial designers of the second half of the 20th century. He achieved worldwide recognition for his timeless chairs, but also developed modular furniture systems and a variety of everyday objects. Kralj was also an outstanding innovator in the fields of construction, wood bonding and streamlining production. In total, he applied for 118 patents and designs.

In the production of furniture, he questioned the use of scrap pieces of otherwise good quality wood. He realised that the furniture industry could use the waste from solid wood to make sticks that children could assemble into various shapes according to his designs (giraffe, dog, plane, submarine, car, etc.), while leaving room for children's imagination, creative thinking and exploration. He was extremely advanced for his time, and lacked only the partners who would allow him to implement all his ideas.

Taking into account the legendary name and the extremely advanced design of the toy, the safety problem to be solved, the STEM competences involved and the technological implementation itself (extremely challenging due to the correct proportions of each piece) and the sustainable economy (a counterbalance to globalisation), the price is actually too low. Due to the needs and capacity of the market, we have really tried to approach almost every household and educational centre, because we really want to get Konstrukta into the right hands.

What does a STEM toy mean?

As parents, we all want our children to grow up with a love of learning. The best way to foster this is to encourage children's natural curiosity. That's where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toys come in.

STEM toys are a great tool for introducing your little one to the fundamental concepts of science, technology, engineering and maths. Playing with them is also a great way to stimulate your child's natural curiosity. These types of toys incorporate science, technology, engineering and math concepts in an engaging way that is fun for kids of all ages. Including you, dear parents.

The Konstrukta toy is a construction toy and therefore a STEM toy. It will help your child develop all the necessary science skills, alongside other equally important ones (social, motor, etc.).

What does the professional assessment "good toy" mean?

In 1984, a commission for assessing the quality of toys, "Good Toy", was set up in Yugoslavia, following the example of the German "Spiel gut" award for good toys, which operated until 2009. Since 2014, Slovenia has also had a Toy Development Institute, which, with the support of the Kočevje Business Incubator, has been working with Slovenian toy manufacturers and service providers, while the commission at the Ministry of Education, Training and Sport, which used to issue the Good Toy Certificate, is no longer in operation.

However, the Festival of Wood received a positive assessment from Dr. Ljubica Marjanovič Umek, who for many years headed the aforementioned expert commission for the evaluation of good toys: 'We have concluded that the toy can be offered as suitable and safe to children from the age of 5 onwards. We consider that the toy is also suitable for activities in work centres, nursing homes and for play at home."

To read the full expert review by Dr. Marjanovič Umek,click here.

Who is Niko Kralj?

Niko Kralj (1920 - 2013) was one of the most important industrial designers of the second half of the 20th century. A pioneer of Slovenian and Yugoslav industrial design, he made his mark on the global mass consciousness with the Rex, 4455, Mosquito and Lupina chairs, the first two of which have become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York. He has designed products for the furniture industry and other everyday objects, and has been an innovator in the fields of construction, wood bonding and the rationalisation of production.
Kralj was an advocate of functional design with an emphasis on humanity. He often followed nature in his work and was at his best when designing in wood, which he valued as a superior and sustainable material. His design is renowned for its exceptional excellence with innovation, simple, timeless forms and perfect details. He has applied for a total of 118 patents and designs. He has received more than 100 prestigious professional awards at home and abroad for his outstanding work.
Niko Kralj designed a wooden construction toy in 1976 to encourage creative thinking and technical skills in young people. Its production never took off, but the quality of the idea and the many values that the toy can pass on to children are still recognisable today. The wooden construction toy Konstrukta is finally here to bring great joy to children.