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Challenge: creative with Konstrukta

Every month from May to December, buy 5 pieces of KONSTRUKTA toys. By the 3rd Sunday of the month, assemble the pieces into any composition you like. Try, think, and try again. Choose your best composition, name it, add your name or code, take a photo and send it to info@konstrukta.eu.

The administrator will upload your photo to an open FB group, where visitors will vote for the best composition. The winner of the month receives a voucher for the next set of 5 pieces of KONSTRUKTA. Each month you will build from several pieces, until December, when you will have a set of 40 pieces for your unique composition. In January 2025, monthly winners will be collected and visitors will vote for the best. The winner receives a voucher worth 170 EUR for the chosen toy. Read more...

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    • imagination and creativity

    • spatial imagination

    • accuracy and persistence

    • motor skills and tactility


    • children and playful adults

    • children with special needs

    • educators and therapists

    • toy enthusiasts

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  • Marcus:

    "It is so beautifully crafted, and the wood has a beautiful aroma... how did you achieve that?"

  • Uršula:

    "My daughter had disability in both hands but she improved her twizor activities with this toy a lot. Thank you Konstrukta."

  • Ivan:

    "At first sight I knew my son is gonna love this toy and a bought it. Now I can't separete him from playing. He is obsessed with Konstrukta."

  • Erika:

    "Thank you for making such wonderful things, keep up the good work."

  • Lea:

    "Pupils are thrilled about the Konstrukta toy. They had to schedule when each would play, as they all want to play."


    Natural, unvarnished beech tree wood modules


    A high quality toy for many generations


    Develops imagination creative thinking and skills


    Designed and produced in Slovenia


Niko Kralj (1920 - 2013) was one of the most important industrial designers of the second half of the 20th century. The pioneer of Slovenian and Yugoslav industrial ...

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